Smart Alpha Core Growth Strategy


Investment Objective

The FMG Smart Alpha Core Growth (SACG) portfolio strategy seeks to consistently outperform the broader equity markets on a risk-adjusted basis. At the core of its process, FMG maintains a concentrated position (upwards 75%) in high-quality growth Exchange-Traded Fund. FMG seeks Alpha from its superior capability to allocate capital among the various indices while simultaneously investing the remainder (25%) in high-quality equities trading at valued price levels as a result of market dislocations and/or event-driven situations.


Photo by skyNext/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by skyNext/iStock / Getty Images

Investment Discipline

Establish Market Exposure

  • Provides Level of equity market exposure relative to market conditions

Implement Program

  • Invests in Exchange Traded Funds in an attempt to capture outperformance in specific indices, sectors and industries

  • Seeks outsized gains by investing in high quality growth stocks trading at a discount to enterprise value

  • Attempts to protect investors from severe market declines while taking advantage of rising markets


Minimum Investment: $1,000,000
Subsequent Investment: No Minimum
Contribution Period: Daily
Lock-Up Period: None
Liquidity: Daily


Risk Management

Market Timing/Entry/Exit

The disciplined investment process seeks
opportunistic entry/exit points as a result of the Smart Alpha Process


The strategy offers daily liquidity


Equity risk can be hedged (reduced) via option writing program